LINACO contributes 10% of their net profit to the CSR encompassed around these 3 pillars;

  1. EDUCATION – formal pre-school education with compassionate teachers to prepare them for primary school.
  2. HEALTHCARE – many poor children have no vaccination and as part of the sick/disease prevention.
  3. NUTRITIOUS FOOD – allowing children to grow properly especially in boosting their capacity to learn.

House of Hope

Providing in-kind assistance to the poor families in the Rifle Range Flats in Penang. Education and daycare services are also provided to children in need. Impacting more than 100 families through RM100 per month per family.

Dignity for Children Foundation

Provides high-quality and comprehensive education for the underprivileged children. Currently supporting 30 primary schools’ students aged between 7-10 through the Empower-A-Children program.

Bethesda House

A center that provides shelter for children seeking refuge from their families. Currently sponsoring RM2,000 per month for the 17 children’s tuition fees, books and transportation fees to school.

MyKasih Foundation

More than 300 underprivileged families are given RM200 per month as part of the “Love My neighbourhood” program. Each students are given RM60 each month as meal allowance at school through the cashless payment system.