MyKasih CSR at Kampung Tual Orang Asli Learning Center


23 JUNE, PAHANG: The LINACO-MyKasih CSR Team has organized fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities for the children from the Kampung Tual Orang Asli Learning Centers (Pusat Didikan Komuniti Cenwaey Penaney).

The team’s objective was to keep the children occupied while their parents were attending a workshop on “Prevention of Sexual Harassment on Children” which was carried out by trainers from the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) Programme and coordinated by MyKasih Foundation. This was followed after the completion of a series of training for the Orang Asli teachers coming from 7 different Orang Asli Learning Centers funded by various donors through MyKasih Foundation.

LINACO has recently began the adoption of 3 Orang Asli Community-based Learning Centers in Gerik, Perak. It includes supporting the operation cost of the Centers and meals for the students during their school days. These Orang Asli Learning Centers are important alternatives to the Orang Asli communities when it is difficult for them to reach for the nearest formal education facilities and there is limited capacity of local government-funded preschool.

Although yet to be formally adopted by LINACO, the experience in Kampung Orang Asli Tual has given the team a glimpse on the settings and environment of an Orang Asli Learning Center. The company will strive to support the empowerment of children especially on their needs for education.

MyKasih Foundation


Through MyKasih Foundation “Love My Neighbourhood” food aid program, LINACO is supporting 300 underprivileged families for their monthly food and necessity expenses. The coverage areas include Klang Valley, Johor, Penang, Perak, and is extending to other states. Besides that, we are running a free tuition program and weekend English camp for the community in Batu Arang.

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