Corporate Vision & Mission

In today’s pace of the business environment, it is easy to lose sight of our core values and what is truly important to us.

LINACO’s corporate VISION may be summarized as follows:

5 Elements of the Cycle of Life

  • Industry
  • Work Force
  • Family
  • Values
  • Community

INDUSTRY denotes a hive of activity that provides, on one hand, a basket of goods & services to the COMMUNITY, and on the other, a source of livelihood to the WORK FORCE.

The WORK FORCE provides the energy to drive the INDUSTRY in the pursuit of excellence. From the means of livelihood provided by the INDUSTRY, the WORK FORCE is able to provide the basic needs to the FAMILY (food, shelter, security, etc).

The FAMILY provides an important & reliable source of emotional wellbeing to the WORK FORCE and indirectly powers the WORK FORCE to provide its services to the INDUSTRY. As such, the FAMILY encompasses a set of VALUES that nourishes the WORK FORCE.

VALUES form the foundation of the FAMILY and building blocks of the COMMUNITY. Adherence to a set of VALUES would nourish & enrich both FAMILY and COMMUNITY.

The COMMUNITY would provide reinforcement to the VALUES which in turn provide support to the basic foundation of the FAMILY. The COMMUNITY forms the market place into which the INDUSTRY would provide its basket of goods & services. In exchange for this basket of goods & services, the COMMUNITY provides the environment in which the INDUSTRY thrives.

Therefore, the 5 elements in our corporate VISION are perpetually interactive & interdependent. In order to thrive, each element must continuously build & support each other.

Corporate Heartbeat


Corporate Mission

  • Consumers (Industrial, Food Service, Consumer)
    o   To provide the best quality products in the industry
    o   To provide prompt & reliable supply
    o   To provide after sales services & support
    o   To be a preferred supplier
  • Suppliers
    o   To be a prompt & reliable paymaster
    o   To be acknowledged as a preferred customer
    o   To meet mutual expectations in the customer/supplier
  • Stakeholders
    o   To nourish & nurture the team into a cohesive family
  • Shareholders
    o   To endeavor to provide sustainable growth & returns on their
    o   To continuously nurture the bond amongst the investors
  • Community
    o   To be a caring & socially responsible corporate citizen
    o   To extend a helping hand to the needy
    o   To lead by example as a corporate citizen for others to emulate
    o   To consciously adopt eco-friendly manufacturing practices
    that will ensure a sustainable future for our children


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